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"Movie A Month" Club

Enjoy FREE Movie Tickets EVERY MONTH

and $500 Cash Rebates EVERY YEAR... FOR LIFE
Unfortunately, services like Hulu/HuluPlus, NetFlix and redbox don't offer any sort of rebate or end of the year profit-sharing perks for you to use their service.  Yeah, they're cool but costly.  
Well, here at MoovieMoney.com, we believe in rewarding you for enjoying the experience of watching new movies from the nice plush seats of your local movie theater.  And that's just what our "Movie A Month" Club does!!

For an annual membership fee of $50 ONLY $39.95, you will receive at least 2 movie tickets or 2 $10 Gift Cards to your favorite theater EVERY MONTH ($240 value).  On your anniversary date every year, when you mail in all your saved movie stubs from that year of movie going, you will also receive a $500 Cash Rebate from your movie going that year.  

Additionally, when you tell others about this awesome opportunity and they join, you will receive a $10 bonus for every referral, and when your referrals tell others and they join, you'll earn $10 for every one of their referrals.  And you'll receive these bonuses EVERY YEAR, over and over again, for residual income.