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The "Movie A Month" Club was designed to help you save money going to the movies.  With the cost of a single movie ticket reaching $10 or more at many theaters across the country, it's becoming hard to afford entertainment for the whole family, especially when some families spend $50 on movie tickets alone.  If you're like us and you love going to the movies, you have the chance of getting in at the TOP of a brand new opportunity never done before, and this $5 price WILL NOT be around forever.  

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Program Benefits
  • $39.95 Annual Membership, NO MONTHLY FEES (once we launch)
  • 4 EASY 4x1 perpetual cycles that, when completed, send out movie passes to your favorite theater.
  • 2 Level Referral Program - $15 direct referral bonus/$5 2nd level referral bonus, renewed yearly for RESIDUAL INCOME
  • $3500 Referral Contest EVERY 1000 members
  • $500 Rebate at the end of EVERY year when you send in your saved movie ticket stubs
Ready to Get Started?
Option 1: Paypal

Click on the button below to pay $5 using Paypal.  Once you've made your payment, you will be redirected to the registration page.  Fill out all pertinent details 
Option 2: GoldMoney

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